The Nose

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The Nose

A touring company of storytellers has packed their bags and instruments on their donkey and journeyed all the way from Russia determent to present a piece by one of their national writers.

MishMash’ second play: ”The Nose”, (”Næsen” / “La Nariz”) is based on the famous short story of the Russian writer Nicolai Vasilievich Gogol. “The Nose” is a crazy and unforgettable story about the proud general Kovalev and his nose that one day decides to leave him and live a life of its own.

Using music, acrobatics and character changes quick as a flash the actors show everything from furniture to people and animals on the busy streets of Saint Petersburg.

Once again no props or decors are needed. MishMash does it all!

Written by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol
Performed by Sofie Faurschou, Päivi Raninen, Elif Temuçin, Erkan Uyanıksoy
Music Composed by Sofie Faurschou
Special Thanks to Teatergruppen Batida
Duration: 35 minutes
Language: Playable in Danish, English or Spanish
Age group: 6-10
Technical requirements: 6x6 meters of empty space. Can be played indoor as well as outdoor
Refusion: Godkent

Photos by M. Zakrzewski, Torben Stig Hansen and Annevig Schelde Ebbe 

A simple stage without any set décor made the performance of the actors stand out all the more. These displayed great imagination and admirable dexterity in their use of mime routines and acrobatics, playing tables, horses, mirrors and dogs and switching from one character to another with remarkable skill.
— Irina Echarry / Havana Times, Cuba

           SHOWS 2015 - 2017

  • CPH Stage Festival / Copenhagen, Denmark - June 2017
  • 21st Biennial of Art / Poznan, Poland - May 2017
  • Teatro Guinol / Guantanamo, Cuba - February 2017
  • Festival La Cruzada Teatral / Tour in Cuba - January & February 2017
  • Teatro Miron / Matanzas, Cuba - January 2017
  • Batidas Teaterhus / Copenhagen, Denmark - September 2015
  • Brønshøj Skole / Copenhagen, Denmark - September 2015
  • Munkegårds Skolen / Copenhagen, Denmark - September 2015
  • Teatro La Proa / Havana, Cuba - March 2015
  • Teatro de La Villa / Havana, Cuba - March 2015
  • Festival La Cruzada Teatral / Tour in Cuba - February 2015